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            Quality Flooring Select Install knowledge summary

            Quality Flooring Select Install knowledge summary

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            Coolness of autumn begin to deepen, decoration but "hot" again. Experienced people know, fall decoration has many benefits, such as the climate is dry, easy to get damp wood panel, coatings, paints and other easy to do, but it also has some unique decoration sequelae. Life at home Xiaobian specially for you all kinds of comprehensive home improvement information, the introduction of home decoration guide series, as you laid out one of the most romantic love nest.

            Types of wood flooring are: solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, laminate floors.

            Wood floors are wood do not fight, do not take from the processing of the plate, there are warm and soft, natural and pleasant, noise, foot feeling good.


            ① solid wood flooring

            Ⅰ shape according to different processing can be divided into flat floor (flat Jiemu floor) and tongue and groove flooring (tenon Jiemu floor).

            Ⅱ according to different processing methods can be divided into vertical wood parquet flooring and panels. Recognition

            ② solid wood Ⅰ texture: the floor is good or bad judgment is the standard, there are rules nice texture,

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