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            Home furnishings industry gradually mature opportunities and challenges

            Home furnishings industry gradually mature opportunities and challenges

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            For China, home accessories is a late start as early as the development of the industry. Because the social environment and economic factors, before people home decoration ideas is not very heavy, 60 and 70 years of home accessories, table lamps are mostly the same as the practicality of some relatively strong display objects, at that time the market has not formed a real sense of home furnishings industry. Home accessories then the furniture industry is mainly accompanied, gifts, flowers, bedding decentralized sales. Jewelry consumption due to the limitation of small cities and other areas affected by income level, home accessories just more common accessories, product quality, relatively speaking low, people are concerned about the degree of home accessories is not high, small scale home accessories Monopoly shop. After 2000, home accessories industry gradually formed its own market.

            Highly developed in material life, spiritual life even more attention to age, respected life experiential marketing, overall home mode makes jewelry from a walk-on role becomes a pivotal supporting role, or even talk about the number two protagonists. Home accessories popular, not only has a close relationship with improving the quality of life of the people, has also been renovated in recent years advocated the design community, "Light fitting, re-decoration" effect.

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